© Ben Blossom

Water Bar is a free, pop-up outdoor bar serving only water drawn from the site of the historic Broad Street pump, the source of a major cholera epidemic that John Snow investigated in 1854. Will the knowledge of this historic 'cholera site' affect our willingness to drink water from it? Will we only sip that which has been safely poured from a chrome tap? The Water Bar explores the aesthetic of drinking and Londoners' connection to water, inviting participation, conversation and reflection on our relationship with this precious, life-giving substance. Sharrocks also invites members of the public to donate water in the container of their choice to be permanently stored in The Museum of Water. All donations will be accepted, from rain water to fountain water, bath or tap. Through the acquisition of these different waters, a cartography emerges of personal narratives, experiences and memories connected to water.

A series of talks by water-experts will take place at the Water Bar at 1pm every day.